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“Opportunity is the Divine’s way of showing that it believes in you.” To return the favor all that is required of you is to accept your blessings with open arms, without ever for an instant standing in doubt about your worthiness of receiving such a gift.

When something beautiful suddenly finds its way into your world, especially after a period of growth or darkness it can be easy to slip into a fear based state that you might mess up your opportunity or suddenly finding it flowing through your hands like water.

Fear is the birthplace of anxiety and self sabotage so it is especially important to be mindful of your feelings and hold space for yourself to sort through your emotions. Because of fear you may find yourself feeling triggered about a past situation and it is so important to walk yourself through the differences between the past moment and the present moment so you may fully utilize and accept the joy presenting itself before you.

When your soul is telling you that something is meant for you whether it be an opportunity, job or relationship this is the time to drop all reservations about losing it. What is meant for you will always be meant for you. That doesn’t mean that it will stay an active part of your entire life but it does mean that it will naturally phase itself out at the right time, so you do not need to cling tightly or push it away out of fear.

Anytime we have creeping doubts about how something is going to play out this is a indicator we need to stand in deeper trust with ourselves and the divine and as also an indication that there are still aspects of your past that you haven’t come into full acceptance with. Trust and acceptance do walk hand in hand.

Today look at the things that bring joy and fulfillment into your world. Release the need to control, release the fear of losing them and instead stand in full appreciation for it being present right here, right now.


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