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With the energy of Mother’s Milk we are asked to stand in remembrance of our connection to universal love, the divine mother for us all, the greatest source of sustenance one could ever need. With the societal pressures of the modern world it can be all too easy to fall under the illusionary belief that one must stand on their own in figuring out how forge a path forward. It can be easy to find yourself wondering to whom you can truly rely on for nourishing support. Today, we are invited to remember that we are reflections of infinite grace and creativity. As such we are urged to look upon the vastness of the universe and see that same oceanic endless possibility within ourselves.

If you find yourself feeling lost, hopeless or living a life that you feel lacks meaning the simple truth is that you are in need of greater connection to the mother’s milk, divine awareness. By drinking deeply of this nectar of life you can once again begin to journey forward hand in hand with Destiny. If you find yourself in a period where loneliness is playing a dominant role in your life here too can drinking in of the the great mother bring you to a sense of peace. From here she can help guide you through the doorways of growth found through spiritual solitude. From this place you can uncover that when in connection to the divine source of love how quickly loneliness becomes and outdated concept.

Today, I invite you to look towards the heavens and see yourself pictured there. I invite you to see yourself as a cosmic child of the universe & trust deeply how much the mother sees you.


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