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Aquarian energy is eccentric, rooted in individuality and above all visionary. With our Lunar Goddess reigning in this sign for the New Moon the energy here is highly charged with the push to leap outside of our societal/ self imposed boxes and instead prepare to live a life on the fringe of authentic freedom. With the Lunar canvas being wiped blank now is the perfect time to set our sights and intentions towards goals that honor our quest for expansion. Where do you want to go? What differences do you want to see in your personal world? How can you invigorate your existence with experience and divine magnificence? Remember, when it comes to setting intention and manifesting you don’t have to have every step on the path towards your vision laid out before you. All you need is step one and the willingness to leap. From there the divine will provide you with every step necessary when the moment is ripe. A golden rule to remember under this Aquarian Moon is that if you have a dream, vision or idea that seems unlike anything you’ve ever heard before, rather than dismissing it as improbable recognize it as your golden egg.

Tonight’s Mansion is known as the “Mask” and is ruled by Mercury and Uranus. While we reside in this Mansion the need to drop veils of illusion is especially important. What ego based illusions are we prescribing to out of comfort rather than honoring the need for authentic freedom? What lies are we telling ourselves to keep ourselves small? What limitations of the mind are we ready to dismantle so that our visions of love will finally manifest as reality? It is important to remember that the path towards fulfillment is laid out for us all as we are all equipped with infinite potential. The key is to discern where we are in our own way and how like a river we can learn to navigate around any obstacle in our path. Live free.


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