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For all of us there will be moments of growth, change and uncertainty that leave us in wonder about our place in the world. In these moments rather than thinking of yourself as lost or stuck it is important to see yourself as a seedling. A seedling safely nestled in the darkness of the warm earth until it is time to emerge and begin its climb for the sun.

There will never be moments of void in our world without purpose. Periods of void or inaction open up when we need to allow ourselves the time and preparation for our next cycle of manifestation and experience. They open up when we need time for reflection and quiet contemplation between us and our higher selves. They also open up as periods of rest where you’ve already done all that you need physically to bring a desired manifestation to life and then it is left to Spirit to bring the remaining circumstances together.

In any case a void is for your highest good. Just like the seed needs time in the Earth so do we need time in our own darkness.

Coming out of darkness is a literal breath of fresh air where our world is suddenly filled with action, motivation and the path seems vivid and clear before us. All the time of preparation suddenly makes sense and we are able to stand in deeper trust with the divine. Life itself works in a cycle of life, death, life,

So when you’re in a period of uncertainty or transformation (death) you may know with certainty that life must follow. It is simply the way.

Out of darkness can also talk about a time of removing the cloak that one uses to protect themselves from the outside world. Stemming from a fear of vulnerability and a need for self preservation many individuals find themselves sheltering themselves from true connection and experience out of fear. Life is meant to be lived in love and in community. Even the most eccentric or solitary individual has soul tribe and it is worth seeking them out for we are truly in a time where love is our greatest hope for change and survival on this planet.

Nobody is meant to walk alone.


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