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Panther energy slowly sneaks its way into our midst

and makes us feel as if our world is being turned upside down. Though at first we may not know which way is up from down there is always a blessing in disguise hidden amongst the chaos. The Panther reminds us that when our lives go from comfortable to chaotic rather than losing our footing we are being asked to observe carefully our surroundings. We are being shown that some things simply do not fit in our world and we must now determine what they are so that we may move forward.

If everything in our world stayed comfortable at all times we would never feel the need for growth. We would never reach for our highest potential. So often the divine will disguise their best intentions for our happiness under what seems like our world crumbling.

Know that even in times that we do perceive as chaotic peace can still be maintained from within. Honor your emotions, let them flow but be sure to surrender and fear or worry to the divine. You may also surrender your anger and frustrations. The divine will gladly take them from you and from this place of peace they can begin showing you the higher perspective.

A higher perspective can always be found even in the most confusing of times. You must allow yourself to trust. For a heart filled with distrust it is very hard to look upwards for the divine disguise. From there you may simply ask for a sign, ask for a clue to point you in the right direction, ask for the insight to reveal the big picture. Often you will already have the answer and just need to drop into that place of peace to find it.

Remember, everything in your life that falls apart or comes together is all for your evolution.


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