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The energy of this card becomes abundantly clear within the title alone. When this card appears in our midst we are asked to observe our personal world and do so without bias to see if the things in which we bestow energy and value are truly worth our time. This card highlights a time where there may be individuals lurking within our energetic fields who lack intentions with integrity or we may be investing in environments which do more damage to our growth and evolution than they do to usher on success. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to acknowledge when something doesn’t belong in your world anymore, especially when it comes to things that at one time seemed to align with your energy perfectly. It’s important to acknowledge that we are all constantly growing & shifting and to hold on to something that you know on a soul level you are outgrowing would be quite similar to holding onto a pair of jeans you know is 3x too small for you because 5 years ago they fit you pretty well. Why not make room in the closet for something that compliments you, energizes you and allows you to honor the present moment in which you stand? It’s also important to acknowledge that in life not every individual who claims themselves to be a friend or lover can stand behind that title. Be sure to know the difference between friend and alleged friend. Tune in.

Pearls Before Swine asks us to defend with commitment and dedication the things in our world that truly hold value. This means letting go of old habits that stand in the way of the clarity of your vision. This means reducing the need to be accepted by the masses and instead learn how to rely on the Insights found within and gifted to you by the divine. This means forgetting about societal pressures to conform and instead diving deep for the treasures lying within your own soul that are waiting for your discovery. Consider your spirituality, your creativity, divine love and connection your pearls. Consider anything that electrifies you and brings light into your world your pearls. Consider the relationships in your life that are fluid and flowing with love as pearls. Consider the sacred arrow of truth your pearl. Now, ask yourself, what is the swine?


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