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Phoenix energy represents the wildness and freedom that come hand in hand with allowing yourself to dive into the flames of transformation. When the Phoenix appears before us it is time to look even our deepest fears in the eye and step into the role of fierce lover for ourselves and out future.

The Phoenix arrives with the sacred message that it is time to drop the baggage of our past and step into the light of the present day. While our fears and woundings may have offered us some protection in the past we must know vulnerability is required to move forward.

To do this we must know with certainty that every trial in our past has been preparation for the joys of our future. We must know that the pain served its purpose but now it’s purpose has been filled.

With Phoenix energy there is room to bloom into all that you are meant to be, all that your heart wishes to embody. Don’t worry about the preconceived notions of others about who you are and how you should behave. Sometimes others may think they know what’s best for you based on the individual they feel they knew in the past. Don’t allow the right thinking of others to keep you from blazing into your wildest dreams. As your transformation ensues they will either

acclimate to you and the new energy that surrounds you with joy or they will be pushed away by your sudden blinding brilliance. In either case through allowing yourself to burn bright in your highest potential those who are meant to journey with you will find themselves at your side.


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