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Pixie Pierrot comes to us as a reminder to go beyond seeking the bare minimum and instead know that we are worthy of lives brimming over the edge with prosperity and fulfillment. It is more than survival that is our birthright, we are worthy of true lifelong pleasure and bliss. All the divine asks of us to receive these bountiful gifts is to learn the art of living as your most authentic self. Conformity does not walk hand in hand with destiny.

The universe does not ask of us to be anything other than our truest self to reach success and happiness. Spirit wants to see us living as the transparent beacons of light we were born to be, not spending a love striving to conform to societal norms. It can be incredibly challenging to resist the pressures of conformity as in truth everyone longs for some level of acceptance. The only validation that one truly needs is the validation from the divine and ones own self. By allowing yourself to forgo conformity and instead deepen your connection to self you set yourself up to receive connections and opportunities that mirror your authenticity.

If ever you find yourself in doubt about the best course of action in a particular situation always seek the course that honors your personal truth. Trying to first decipher how your decisions will impact everyone around you sets you up for cycles of people pleasing which are depleting and detrimental to personal success. You are not here to please others, always remember that. By putting your needs first you energize yourself to such a degree you are overflowing with energy to share with those that you love, but if you choose to fill everyone else’s cup before your own you will certainly find yourself feeling drained and likely resentful in the long run.

If today you find yourself with questions about love, path and purpose or truly anything of importance in your life know the starting point has to be connecting with your truth. You must figure out the longings of the soul and allow them to truly take hold of you. You must walk a unique path up the mountain of love. Your views and journey is meant to be entirely unique. Your specialness is worth shining through, today allow it to take prescience in your wold.


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