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It can all too easy to fall into frustration and disappointment when it feels like despite our best efforts things simply aren’t going according to plan. In these moments where it feels like doors keep closing and opportunities are few and far between we are asked to see the big picture, from the perspective of the divine.

Every set back, no matter the size, is orchestrated by the divine with our best interests in mind. In these moments it can difficult to see the higher perspective if we are viewing the situation through the lenses of our ego. Remember, the ego can fool you into thinking things are much more detrimental than they are.

By viewing things from the higher perspective, through the eyes of the divine we begin to understand that sometimes we must feel loss and disappointment today for the sake of our happiness tomorrow. For example, perhaps there is a new job that you’ve applied for and you want it very badly. You think the position is perfect for you and will improve your quality of living drastically. Upon finding out you didn’t get the position you find yourself feeling disappointed with yourself and the divine, questioning your self worth and whether you are truly even seen. By understanding that there is always a bigger picture than what is presented before us you may realize that though this position was important to you it was the difference between comfort and homelessness for another, perhaps this door was closed on you because Spirit was aware that your energy would clash with the current employees leaving you feeling isolated, or perhaps this door was closed because If you’d taken it you’d have missed out on an even bigger opportunity just a few weeks away. Remember, disappointment will never be just for the sake of disappointment. There is always a gift or learning lesson hidden inside for the development of your soul.

If you have trouble accepting your current circumstances see this as an opportunity to deepen your trust in yourself and with the divine. Faith makes dreams come true. Faith is the simple understanding that in the end things simply won’t go wrong because of your connection to the light. The universe wants to see how much trust you have, have much faith you have in the forces bigger than yourself. The moment you surrender to your circumstances is the moment you will begin to see them change in ways that fill you with comfort and reassurance. So, ask yourself today. How much faith are you standing in? How willing are you to wait for the big picture to be revealed?


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