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Projections come in many forms, some of which can elate us. Film, music, theatre and literature are all sacred forms of projection which are a crucial part of our experience of pleasure while we are dancing amongst humanity, and all the natural stressors that come along with this experience. However, projections also come in forms that can be depleting and down right detrimental to our happiness. These projections form in the spaces where are fears, traumas and triggers have been lying unattended waiting for the perfect moment to surprise both us and those that we love. With certainty we have all found ourselves in a place that was quite reactionary but had little to do with the present moment. These moments where we allow our fears and traumas to tell our story rather than our soul can rob us from moments of joy and vulnerable connection with those that we hold dear. When the Projections card rises to the surface the invitation is this, learn to separate the truth from that which was once true. We must learn to operate from a place of presence if we truly wish to bloom, create and live joyfully in love. We must learn to differentiate, without shame, which parts of us are conditioned outdated behaviors that stem from traumatic experiences. Know that you are not those experiences. Know that you are not your trauma. You are the miraculous being that has rose from every circumstance to be right here in this moment. In this moment you have infinite potential overflowing from your blessed hands. When you are in moments that trigger you it is essential to remember this. Stand in your power and unleash only truth from your throat. Let the rest fall away, burn away and blown away in the wind as ashes of remembrance.


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