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In this life there is not a single individual who gets to bypass learning lessons that include trauma and heartbreak. While we are not responsible for the infliction of our wounds we are completely responsible for their healing and release. A victim mentality may help keep our head above water whilst we are in survival mode but if we truly wish to thrive we must learn to let go and take responsibility for our happiness.

Ra! Ra! Ra! Appears to us with the sacred message that the time for living in shadows, wallowing in fears and self doubt is over. Now is the time for abundant living and prosperous circumstance. Often we can wear our trauma as armor, using it as a safety net so that we don’t become completely vulnerable again with others. In this life vulnerability is the only way to experience lasting happiness with true fulfillment. You must be open to embrace the world with arms wide open and a heart ready to receive.

If you find fear, trauma and heartbreak are still close to your heart on this day imagine that you have just gotten in a new relationship with the love of your life, you see their pain and you are willing to do anything to help them. Recognize yourself as this great love and be willing to undergo a journey of deep release and healing for the sake of your happiness. To begin the journey we must locate the center of our pain. I recommend a sacred journal which you allow yourself to fill with your innermost truths, no matter how vivid or vulgar you find them. Creating a sacred space with yourself allows truth to free-fall from a closed mouth. Writing is an amazing medicine for those who have trouble opening up or knowing exactly what the issue is. Writing connects you directly to your soul, bypassing a restless mind and getting straight to the truth. I recommend meditation before you slumber where you ask your guides in assistance in finding the higher perspective and releasing the past. When you awake journal all that comes to mind, or better yet to hand. The key to healing is simply to look within and look for the higher ground through the eyes of the divine. From there every step will be provided for you, you must simply start the journey.


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