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One of the biggest lessons with the most bountiful rewards is the journey to unconditional self love and authenticity. It is from this place we generate the power to bring our wildest dreams into our reality. When something is meant for you in this lifetime trust that all you must do in order to receive it is learn your personal brand of integrity and stand behind it.

One of the most blessed gifts that comes to an individual who has learned honor their soul expression above all else is the ability to pave the way for

others to do so as well. This is a sacred, immeasurable gift since at our core we are all one and become stronger when we are in recognition of our divinity.

Being authentic doesn’t always go hand in hand with being well liked or understood. Because of this we must sometimes make the hard choice to stand alone and in our integrity rather than hiding as shapeshifter amongst our friends. Trust that even if you are not always understood, if you remain authentic the ones who are meant to journey along with you on your path will respect your differences. If you lose companions as you find your truth then this simply shows you are no longer meant to journey together. Know that moments will arise from the universe simply to push you to see whether you will fight for your voice or allow yourself to be reduced to the shadows.

Being authentic isn’t about being the most beautiful, the most spiritual, the most outspoken etc. It simply means to be real and being real can hold many different variations for different individuals. For one being real might require you to denounce an organization or friend group that no longer stands in integrity and for another it may just require you to simply learn talk openly about your feelings. In any case the more real you become the more you feel yourself propelled along your journey, obstacles removed effortlessly from the path.

When it doubt about how to handle or proceed through a situation always make sure to check in with yourself about how to be as real as possible without watering

down your truth for the comfort of others or out of fear.

From that space you can release all fears about making the wrong decisions. Realness is always the best course of action for a divine soul.


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