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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

After a time of healing and growth through Intention you will reach a point in your journey where action and force are no longer required. You will reach a point where the universe recognizes your efforts and blesses you with periods where nothing is required of you but trust and surrender as it ties up all the loose ends of your current manifestations and emerging pathways.

It can be all too easy to slip into the misbelief that constant action is required to meet a desired end.

By riding the cosmic wave you are allowing the universe’s divine plan to manifest through you with no interference. You honor this time with rest, play and trust. As with the tides we must ebb & flow between action & non-action. Know with certainty that when the time comes for you to once again step into action the universe will do what it needs to bring you to this awareness.

There are forces at work that are much bigger than ourselves. While a sense of individuality is important and worth honoring, it is also extremely crucial to understand the interconnectedness of all that is. With this realization you can stand deeper into trust that whenever you are at a standstill the universe must be working to make sure everything plays out for the highest good of every party involved. Sometimes things have to be shifted in the lives of multiple people and within multiple environments for a manifestation to take place. This process takes time. Surrender to it. Learn to enjoy it. Stillness is always preparation.

Tips for riding the cosmic wave:

•Surrender - it’s impossible to control anything anyways

•Detach form outcomes- the universe always serves us towards our highest good not our perceived highest good.

•Restore and Replenish - play, nap, make art, meditate, make love, dance, take a day trip or anything else that allows you to connect to your spirit.

•Trust- acknowledge with an open heart the powers of love bigger than yourself and believe in its ability to give you a blessed life.


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