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Rooster mama is a vision of wild authenticity often seen as eccentric and misunderstood by others. When this card appears in our midst it is to remind us that it is our differences that make us stellar. It is often the outsider or black sheep in a family that carries the key to breaking generational curses and unhealthy patterns. If you find yourself part of a family where you simply don’t fit in, know with certainty that it is you who is meant to usher your bloodline into a new cycle of light.

It can be easy to fall into patterns or routines based on the example that is set before us by our peers or loved ones. This card reminds us the importance of creating our own traditions. Whether it be holiday traditions or something as simply as a daily routine, if you find fault in the way things are done rather than criticize create a new way of being. Do so without ever once trying to force your ways upon others. It is your example that will make you a leader not force.

Remember, to be an outcast in a society that is built on conformity is truly a blessing. It leaves you the freedom to forge new paths and break barriers that may have kept your loved ones boxed in for generations. It provides you with the opportunity to live a life that is completely resonate to your soul. It may also lead you to moments of solitude. Rest assured that spiritual solitude is always preparation for divine connection. So, embrace time spent in your own energy uncovering who it is you are meant to become.


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