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When the Sacred Fool appears in our midst we are being pushed to take risks in favor of our happiness.

It can be all too easy to shrink into the shadows out of fear of embarrassing ourselves or seeming like a fool in front of our peers. It is important to remember that fortune favors the bold. The universe wants to see us take chances and step out of our comfort zones. Life is not meant to be endless routines and playing it safe. It is also important to remember that to be authentic is a divine act of love. The more you are willing to break barriers in favor of your freedom and fulfillment the more you will see opportunities appear before you.

Embarrassment simply comes from a fear of judgment. If you can stand fully in the realization that you are in control of your responsiveness to others and take ownership of this fear then you dismantle its power and are able to begin releasing its hold. Remember, anybody who holds judgment in their heart is not in full understand of themselves and the best example you can set for these individuals is to continue to be yourself regardless.

Acceptance and understanding are not everything. The only validation that you need is from within your own being and from the divine. It is far better to be an outsider who knows how to live their truth than to be surrounded by people who think they understand you but in truth have no idea who you really even are.

By removing yourself from any environment that feels stifling you are signaling to the divine “hey, I’m ready and will to receive my worth.” Self love and support to take you to greater heights than you can even imagine. So today recognize your authenticity as a powerful force of creativity and be willing to use it to manifest a life of true fulfillment.


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