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Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Something I am quite passionate about are Archetypes and unraveling the truly endless stream of metaphorical magic from which they stem. By definition an Archetype is “a recurrent symbol or motif in literature, art, or mythology.” The Archetype of the Scarlet Woman is the bold, untamed and utterly rebellious feminine. The Scarlet woman represents the aspect of us that longs to dive into the rivers of wild abandon and forget all notions of what is appropriate. The Scarlet Woman thrives on shattering expectations and instead delivering a dose of wild truth. When the Scarlet Woman card appears in our midst we are invited to step into our inner wildness, our anima and allow it take the lead in all of our endeavors. If when making decisions that directly impact your happiness you find yourself first worrying about judgment and the perceptions of others now is the time to embrace the Scarlet Woman and burn away the constraints fooling you into believing you need acceptance to be successful. If you find yourself fearful of taking the next step towards a cherished goal out of a sense of fear then now is the time to embrace the Scarlett Woman with the knowing that even if something were to move off course that you may rely on the Anima within and its natural instincts to navigate you back on course in due time. Today, dare to be wild. Dare to be heard. Dare to command attention. Dare to step outside of your comfort zones. Dare to be the brightest fire within the room. Above all, today, dare to let the freest aspects of yourself take the lead in all that you do.

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