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There will be moments in our life that arise where we begin to want to publicly share our joys and successes with the world around us. While it is understandable to want to share your victories with the world as they unfold, Secrets of Shinobi appears and urges us to protect our new found joys as if they were seedlings that had just burst from the Earth and are still in need of our protection from the Elements around them before they are ready to thrive on our own.

Sometimes when we allow a half formed idea or new found joy to be shared in an environment that is not ready for its arrival we risk having it stamped out before it truly has the time to stand on its own. This is because not every environment is suited for every flower to bloom. Sometimes the environment is too cold, too stifling, too packed with hard Earth for a seed to have an honest chance to rise. We must be discerning of the environments we share our joys, carefully sensing whether or not this environment supports of growth or whether it would rather see a garden smothered before it truly ever opens up.

As marvelous as it would be to receive full support from every being you encounter, there will simply be individuals on your path who do not have the capacity to offer you the support you deserve. This doesn’t mean they have malicious intent, but sometimes individuals cannot hold space for you based on their own place in their growth process. Sharing your happiness with individuals who cannot hold space for us sets us up to feel as if our ideas are less worthy than they are. Many of beautiful ideas have been stifled before they ever reached the surface and the light of love because a “friend” said it was a bad idea when in truth they were just afraid of watching the success of another.

Sometimes things are simply left to bloom in the quiet spaces of your soul and heart until the moment they are strong enough to thrive in the light of the unlocking sun on their own. The world not knowing of your secret happiness does not take away its validity. Happiness will make itself known to the world in its own way, in its own natural rhythms. Make sure today you give your happiness the chance to truly thrive by discerning whether it needs more time snuggled in the soil before it makes its appearance to the world.


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