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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Every act of love, lesson, challenge, manifestation or blessing that is presented before us in this lifetime is led to us by the genius of our own soul and it’s understanding of its divine journey.

Whenever you find yourself in the grips of uncertainty it is so important to recognize that even if you don’t know what’s in store your soul already knows what it needs to grow and flourish. Let this understanding be your compass throughout your journey.

When you are looking for more fulfillment and experience it is crucial to understand that it must be your own soul that opens the door to growth, not any outside force. It is entirely up to us to strive for our dreams and to bring our hearts desires into fruition. It can be all to easy to slip into jealousy at what another is experiencing in their own initiation process which makes it essential to understand you have the same exact potential as any being that you are placing upon a pedestal.

This human life is a manifestation of the Soul’s quest to deeper understand itself and to ascend to new levels of awareness. This is an entirely different journey for every soul and so there is absolutely no room for comparison. Trying to mimic another’s journey can be detrimental to the unfoldment of your own.

Trust, love, believe in thyself and be willing to uncover what what your soul is truly made of.


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