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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Sensuality is a key aspect of expression. Sensuality does not necessarily refer to sexuality or sexual expression. Sensuality is all about allowing yourself to dive deep into your body and strengthen the connection between your spirit and physical body.

Sensuality is a way to express appreciation, pleasure and joy. Sensuality must be expressed and explored regularly to maintain a happy and healthy internal balance.

When it comes to bringing oneself physical pleasure it is important to do so without stigma. There is nothing wrong or shameful about masturbation. To orgasm is a powerful energetic release which you can harness to manifest and it is also a powerful way to offer healing to yourself. Even with a partner your own physical touch remains important. It’s important not to attach your pleasure to another individual & always know that within your own hands you have the power to reach peaks of joy.

Sensuality shared between partners can heal wounds, break barriers, open the doors to transformation and create surges of confidence. This makes it extremely important to use discernment with the types of individuals we allow ourselves to be with intimately. Rather than bringing you closer to yourself, “intimacy” with the wrong individual can leave you feeling depleted, insecure and questioning the validity of your own sensual expressions.

Sensuality can also be expressed through dance. Allowing your energy to flow and move your body without thought or concern of how you look allows you bring yourself into balance and find erotic joy in your own form. Yoga is another way to honor your sensuality.

Spending time intimately with your food as you eat is another form of sensual awakening. The connection between ourselves and what we consume is sacred. This is often forgotten in this fast paced world but it remains essential. Take the time to truly savor every bite, allow yourself to feel grateful each swallow, know you are being nourished and given the gift of life.

Take the time to play with what feels good to you and discover what sensual awaking means in your own world. Whether that means making love to another, making love to yourself, having a dance party, or running through the grass barefoot... it really can be anything! You decide what makes your senses come alive.


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