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When the gift of the Silver Siren appears in our midst it is with the reminder that as beings of light evolving on a spiritual & creative path discernment is one of our most valuable tokens of wisdom to be utilized.

We may find opportunities, friendship or relationship prospects appear before us that on the surface feels like fun and a deliciously intoxicating experience to dive into. While there will most definitely be moments where you are meant to dive into these experiences there will also be moments where your intuition begins to make its presence know of its slight or mighty objections from the pit of your belly.

When your intuition begins to nudge at you and suggest that not all may be as it seems it is crucial to learn to listen. It is crucial to learn graceful avoidance on your path of the things that do not serve you, even if they’re fun for a while, even if you find this time as a happy distraction. Intuition does not speak needlessly and by honoring it you can find yourself avoiding karmic lessons and instead experiencing true fulfillment.

We must know that sometimes obstacles appear on our path just for us to see if we’re using our intuitive gifts or not, to see if we are learning our lessons and to recognize if we are truly transcending our patterns or instead blindingly repeating the same cycles time and again. This is not to trip you up or to force you into learning another lesson, this is in truth to push you forward into a time of accelerated growth and manifestation! If you are truly in awareness you will see how quickly life shifts in your favor when you bypass all that isn’t meant for you, even if your ego protests.

Trust me when I say that the soul always knows. It’s up to you to be willing to listen. Openly, honestly and without bias.


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