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With the energy of slay the ego we are asked to wield the sword of integrity and cut away from any person, place or thing in our personal world that keeps us from realizing and embodying our true potential. Tricks of the ego come in many forms so it is crucial to have a clear line of communication between you and your higher guidance as well as to your own soul, so that you are able rise to the heights of soul satisfaction with no impediment. An example of an ego trap could be the little voice inside that whispers you aren’t ______ enough to achieve your dreams, they could be in the forms of relationships that do more harm than good, they can appear in the secret comparisons we harbor between ourselves & others and also in the environments we align ourselves to that are more about a show of success than actual happiness. Be particularly mindful of “worldly” energy which can ensnare the ego and distract you from your true path. In particular be mindful of social media and consciously choose to engage only with accounts that allow you to stay in a balanced place of appreciation. Today, we are asked to trade away our hold on appearances and detrimental associations in exchange for true freedom. We are asked to flush away the notion that there could be anything holding us back from fulfillment other than our own ego and the corners in which it hides.

Do not be ashamed of the ego for in truth it can be one of our most beneficial tools. It can be the glaring light that forces us to notice that grace of our highest self.


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