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The energy of survival encompasses the resilience of the human spirit which will fight to voyage onwards even in the face of insurmountable odds. Within us all there is a fire which is hungry for experience and ascendency to new heights of fulfillment. Though we will all face instances in life in which the circumstances may attempt to smother our flame the spirit will do all that is necessary to sustain its spark. The Spirit will fight for its freedom to burn when we place it in precarious conditions which wish to stamp out our fire. Whether these be unhealthy relationships, environments or thought patterns if left ignored the internal fire will rage leaving us feeling chaotic until we finally face that which needs to be seen.

The energy of the survival card invites us to come face to face with our own power. It asks us to honor the part of us that thirsts for creation by providing ourselves with the right conditions to thrive. This requires discernment followed by decisive action. This requires commitment to a life fully lived even at the risk of being a lone flame that fills the darkness of societal fears and conditioning with authentic freedom.

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