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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

It is human nature to wish to control the different aspects of our life, but trying to exert our control often leads us to frustration and disappointment. Each soul carries within it the wisdom that it needs to flourish and live prosperously in this life. In truth we need only learn to trust and surrender to our souls innate understanding to find peace in this lifetime. Think of your soul as the compass & you the wanderer, happy to journey wherever North may lead you.

In order to let your soul be your guide you must learn to trust yourself and the divine above all else. If you cannot surrender into trust you will find yourself fighting against a tide of your own creation and wondering why it is so difficult to swim.

Trust is the key & Faith the doorway.

Your destiny is yours. Release all fears about missing chances and opportunities as there are many blessings waiting for you that have been determined before you even incarnated in this lifetime. What safety it is to know you are free to wander and explore and Spirit will guide you back to your path or catch you before you ever hit the ground.

The Universe is speaking directly to your Soul, give it the room to respond without our Earthly interference.

Let go, let things be and remember to believe in a plan bigger than what you can control.


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