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In a world that is often brimming with chaos and tastes of uncertainty it can be quite easy to fall under the mistaken belief that you have to navigate this world and it’s uncertainties on your own. When this card appears in our midst it is with an invitation to dive into the depths of your own soul, to go backwards and invite your ancestral magic to become a part of your current reality. Many of us who have chosen to incarnate at this particular time carry a long lineage of light in our soul line, which means many before us have carried gifts of love, intuition and power and those gifts have been handed down and left in our hands to assist in the creation of a better future for us all.

I am a believer that we all reach a certain point in our journey where we have to go backwards in order to move forwards. This can be to heal our shadows, release burdens, to heal ancestral trauma, break generational chains or to deepen the understanding of your soul lineage. In any case the divinity of the Ancient Ones are waiting to be your ferryman across these deep waters of the soul.

If you have trouble truly grasping the scale of the divine love at your back think for a moment of your grandparents. How your grandmother came from one world, full of her own unique perceptions, experiences and stories and how your grandfather did the same. The universe brought them together for the divine creation of your mother/ father. Now think of your great grandparents and the roads they walked before they came together, and their parents before them, then think of their parents. Realize that it really took infinite stories, from countless people from countless places coming together in love or at the very least divine destiny countless times just to get to the point in the universe where you exist. That is truly an incomprehensible amount of support at your back and now that you’re here their sole purpose is to be a source of support, guidance and healing. Be willing to invite the in and it is assured they will reveal themselves to you with loving assistance.

Never once in this life do we have to truly navigate this world alone. It just takes a particular kind of courage to accept all the assistance and love that you could ever need. It requires a firm understanding of your divinity and worth. Let yourself be illuminated by the light of your ancestral love.


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