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To live a life in alignment with the beauty way means one must be willing to find the hand of the divine behind all things, even the things we find unwanted or troublesome. It is natural to meet challenges in your journey that you would rather avoid completely, it’s natural to find yourself occasionally asking “why is this happening?” We can save ourselves mental anguish by reminding ourselves that there must always be a higher perspective to our struggles. The divine doesn’t ask us to endure seasons of heaviness unless it is for the benefit of our growth and understanding or perhaps to show us our own power and resilience. Whichever the case even in the moments you can’t make sense out of, the divine sees in perfect clarity.

Some of you I’m sure have heard me say “there’s always sugar to go with the shit” which is a golden piece of wisdom that was given to me a few years ago. Whenever life seems more “shitty” than it does fulfilling this is the time to ask yourself what the sugar is. At this time if you are willing to surrender your frustrations to the divine and simply ask what you are meant to be learning the path can can be revealed to you. This doesn’t mean that every obstacle will suddenly be cleared but now you’ll have the tools needed to successfully hurdle them or at the very least you’ll be equipped with the insight to wait for clarity to manifest itself.

If you are looking to experience more beauty in your world it is important to lean on your own soul to be your source. While it is truly a gift to share in beauty with others if you rely on them as your source of light you will find your peace short lived. However, if you recognize yourself as a beacon of divine beauty it makes it that much easier to attract resonate energy on your path, whom you can share in living the beauty way with.

There are many ways to invite more beauty into your world. The first is to surrender into simplicity. Don’t over complicate your life by trying to have every step figured out when in truth your destination will only be reached when you are meant to. By surrendering into the simplicity of the moment you grant yourself the peace to literally “stop and smell the roses” this is a time to seek out wonder and divine love in everywhere that you look. If you look with a heart that is open wider than your perceiving eyes, you’ll find beauty surrounds you every breath of the way.


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