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The cloak manifests within our being as forms of self preservation. When we feel uncertain or insecure about relationships and their validity in our world it can be easy to cloak ourselves to hide our vulnerability and lessen the chance of finding ourselves hurt or disappointed.

In order to experience real peace, love and fulfillment in our personal lives it becomes essential to drop the cloak and embrace the vulnerability it takes to become close to another. Experiencing true love is worth any risk but the hold of fear can keep you from truly diving in to the experiences your heart and soul are longing for.

The key here is to learn to stand fully in self trust, for there is nothing to fear when you know that even in a vulnerable space you will stand behind yourself above all else. When you know that you have your wholehearted support no matter what events unfold around you it becomes safe to explore the unknown, because even in the face of disappointment your essence of self remains intact.

In this life we must be willing to stand with open arms and embrace fully whatever forms of life and love our drawn into our path. Self preservation leads to isolation and longing while vulnerability leads to deeper understanding of the self and those whom you cherish.

If you find yourself looking at the relationships in your life and wondering which ones really offer you sincere love and are meant to be apart of your world then vulnerability becomes an even bigger necessity.

We will never know exactly who speaks the same language of our soul unless we are willing to show who we are openly and authentically. This makes it very obvious who speaks the same language and who we just find ourselves lost in translation with. In either case to know for sure the cloak of protection must be shed and vulnerability must be embraced. Be open to experience, be open to love, be open to life.


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