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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Of all the things that are of great import and necessary to experience in this lifetime community is very near the top of the list. Realization and understanding of individuality is deeply important but a force even more powerful is collaborative dreaming.

Just think of the momentum one determined individual has when they decide to pursue their dreams wholeheartedly, now imagine that multiplied with several individuals chasing along after the same dream. Think of how much energy is now behind a common goal and how much more likely it is to come to fruition.

In this lifetime we are meant to love and be loved by others. So, it is extremely important to be discerning with the types of relations you allow into your sacred space. It is vital to choose relationships that are uplifting, vulnerable and offer you the room and support to grow into your highest potential.

Any relationship that leaves you feeling depleted, insecure and questioning your self worth is not community but rather an example of oppression, which leads to the misguided belief that one is actually better off without community.

Be the observer in your world and see where community is thriving in your world or where there is perhaps room to breath life back into it. Be mindful of slipping into the belief that by becoming part of a larger community you are inherently losing your individuality. This is a natural fear of someone who cherishes their individuality, but know with certainty that when the community is resonate with your soul not only are you able to stand strong in your individuality but you are also to learn tremendously from a group atmosphere made up of other unique souls.

Make new acquaintances and see how quickly they become friends, make new friends and watch how quickly they become soul family. Realize family is what you make it and see how quickly the community around you blooms into a garden of love and creative growth.


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