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Though in the modern world corn has modified and mutated to become the core ingredient in most processed foods to the native people of the Americas corn was a sacred symbol of the Harvest, a reason to celebrate because there was enough food and nourishment for everyone to the point of overflow.

When the corn appears in our midst it is heralding a time of tangible prosperity. We are entering a time where our visions of success are more than fantasy and are becoming grounded into the Earth as a part of our reality. This is a time for celebration of all the time and consistent effort you have put towards your dreams. This is a time to allow yourself to sit in your successes, truly allowing the impact of all that you have done to wash over you. Often when we get a taste of victory we may want to dive headlong into the next challenge. Not this time. This time we must allow ourselves to soak in the moment and show true appreciate for ourselves and the divine for what is unfolding before our eyes.

Another key energy of The Corn is the reminder that there is truly enough abundance in this world to go around, more than enough for us to share in each other’s joy without jealousy in comparison.

If you find yourself slipping into a jealous energy for another’s accomplishments you are still living in the mistaken belief that this is a “dog eat dog” world and that you have to scrape by hoping for a mere taste of happiness. As soon as you do away with the energy of comparison and recognize the divinity in having your own lane, your own journey waiting to be manifested you will see just how truly abundant and free flowing with grace this universe can be.


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