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In Native tribes that walked the path known as the Sun Dance Way to giveaway was to stand in an act of selfless, unconditional love and give something of yourself without expecting anything in return. To Giveaway could be done on both a grand scale and in smaller more personal ways as way. A child might giveaway their most prized necklace or a pair of warm moccasins to another child visiting from another tribe to show their relation in the eyes of the Earth Mother. A Peace Chief might give away several of their fastest horses to another tribe during a renewal dance as a reminder of brotherly love and the importance of walking the Sun Dance Way. Since Native people’s saw animal kingdom as relations rather than beasts when a buffalo or deer gave its life so that the people could eat and create new warm pelts for themselves this was also considered a Give Away, one which the people were extremely grateful for.

When the Giveaway card appears in our midst it is time for us to dive deeper into unconditional love and see which ways we can Give Away to those around us. We can Giveaway through acts of kindness such as smiling, offering sincere guidance or affirmations of love to others. We can give away simply by offering others our time and attention without the expectation that they must hold space for us as well. Right now our Moon being in Taurus there is a special focus on the relationship with our possessions and the need to make sure we are in balance with the way we seek and define ownership. So, this makes it a very powerful time to Give Away personal items to another individual that you think will benefit from this gift. What

makes a Give Away especially powerful is the willingness to freely part with something that still hold love for you. So when trying to decide what to offer be sure that you don’t slip into a “well I don’t want this anymore so they can have it now I guess” mentality.

One of my favorite quotes is “we can only own that which we are willing to give away” which I think is a true testimony to the elation that one feels when you offer a sincere gift of love for one another, simply because you know it will bring them joy.

It is also quite a sacred act to Give Away back to Mother Nature. Remember, the Earth gives us literally everything. What a blessed act to give her love back in return. This can be through focused intention and love sent her way by spending time alone beneath a tree that lovingly offers you shade, this can be by leaving crystals and small talismans amongst nature for the Mother to hold and others to find when the time is right.

Above all I believe the Give Away is about recognizing our interconnectedness to one another and the simple fact that we are stronger and wealthier as a whole than we could ever be individually.


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