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There are moments in life where the easier option will seem to be conformity rather than standing in your authenticity. Though it is natural to want to find acceptance from the world around you, The Good Geisha appears as a reminder that your dedication to self is far more important than being understood or well received by others.

Even in moments that feel isolating and as if nobody truly understands you, authenticity comes first. Assimilation is simply not an option if you want to live a truly abundant life. Every time you choose to remain true to your soul essence you find yourself brought even closer to your dream, manifestations and truly resonate soul family. When we choose to sacrifice our integrity for a moment of acceptance we find ourselves put in positions where we are pushed to once again to learn the importance of standing in our truth, which takes up time better spent climbing onwards towards our goals.

An uncomfortable truth we simply must accept is that we well not be well liked or supported by every individual we meet, no matter how much we feel we deserve it. We must truly understand that being liked cannot be a determining factor in our behavior. Truth must be the determining factor. By flowing through the barriers presented by conformity we find ourselves in a position where we simply become a magnetic force for the types of connections we are looking to attract. There is no need to force it as love is drawn in by love.

If today you find yourself at a crossroads wondering which decisions to make and worrying how they will impact how others will feel about you. I invite you to ask yourself a few simple questions, “who’s life am I living? Who’s dreams am I following? Who am I trying to prove something to? Who’s happiness am I seeking?” If you find that as you answer these questions other individuals come to mind before thinking of yourself it is time to re-evaluate the amount of energy you are expending people pleasing and begin shifting it towards thoughts of your personal fulfillment.

This life is yours, live it unapologetically.


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