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The energy of the Holy Mountain reminds us that though the climb towards fulfillment may contain uncertainties and obstacles every step of the journey is worthwhile. Every step of the journey takes you a little deeper into yourself. When we meet frustration on our path the Holy Mountain asks us to look upwards towards the divine and seek the higher perspective. Remember, every instance you find yourself standing in will have a purpose. By finding the higher perspective we are released from the hold of the ego that may be pushing us into outdated thought patterns such as, “things always go wrong for me, every time something goes right something bad happens or why do I even bother getting my hopes up?”

These ego fueled delusions can lead us to believe that the universe is working against us rather than with us. The Holy Mountain reminds us that the Divine is always on our side even when we can’t understand from the base of the mountain want the point is.

If today you find yourself feeling frustrated, uncertain what step to take next or simply feeling confused about what the point of your current circumstances are, now is the time to take a breath, step away from the distractions of the world and connect to yourself in solitude. Connecting to nature is also recommended since Nature is the breath of the divine on Earth.

Remember, though the journey may feel unstable and even dark at times you are creating a path with every step you take towards higher fulfillment and greater experience. The divine wants us all to experience a life full of wonder but we must be willing to climb for it. Sometimes we may get muddy and even a little scratched up but the view from the top will leave us breathless with divine love.


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