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The Hot Seat is a symbol of divine authority that is loosely related to the Emperor in the Tarot. When this card appears before us it heralds a time where our gifts are going to be put to the test. We are asked to assume greater responsibility in our roles as spiritual teachers, creative leaders or wisdom seekers. To be placed upon the Hot Seat is a gift as it indicates that all the time spent investing in ones growth is rapidly paying off and the time has come to let yourself become an example for others. While a life free of responsibility may seem desirable on the surface, a life weighted with the responsibility of love grounds you into a fulfilling existence.

The Hot seat can also indicate a time where you are placed in greater positions of power by your soul’s own self intuition and desire to unlock its potential. If you find yourself feeling apprehensive about advancing to the next level and assuming greater power this is actually a sign of its import. It’s often the things that scare us that are directly where our soul wants to lead us, to push us out of comfort zones and into experience. Growth rarely happens from a place of complacency and growth is a crucial part of the soul’s experience, so simply we must move onwards and upwards.

This means holding ourselves accountable for both our light and our shadows. As we deepen our authority and connection to the divine pools of love we become a place for other thirsty souls to drink. It is crucial that we keep these waters clear with awareness. To lose sight of oneself and their commitment to the path ahead creates murky waters hard to navigate through.

Today turn inward and look upon yourself as a leader. Even if you don’t know your exact destination, If love rules you, you will find yourself right where you are supposed be.


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