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When you are a highly creative or highly spiritual individual it can at times seems like there is more being asked of you than others around you, it can also feel like you have more ideas than you possibly have time to manifest in this lifetime. When the Juggler appears in our midst it is with the reminder that yes there is more being asked of us than others and it is for one simple but magnificent reason. We are important assets in the grand plan of love and as such we cannot remain stagnant.

We are asked to be in a constant state of creativity and growth because we are up for this marvelous challenge. Though we are asked to be in constant growth don’t think you are being asked to change overnight. The first thing that is asked of you is awareness.

From there every step that is needed will emerge as it is meant to.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by your creative potential then chances are you have projected yourself too far into the future and filled yourself with anxiety and doubts. Remember, to successfully create and manifest it must be from a place of presence. By simply honoring what you can do in this present moment you will be able to create from a place of peace and in truth get much further ahead than if you keep attempting to project into a future that doesn’t exist yet.

You are capable of monumental awakenings and miraculous creations do not doubt this for a second. You wouldn’t be blessed with the seeds of creativity and spirit if you weren’t meant to utilize them. We must simply do so one step and one breath at a time. A masterpiece is not completed overnight it requires intention and the patience to understand that in the grand scheme the vision you are bringing to life will be so worth every single stroke.

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