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The future is a realm that only exists in the imagination as once it comes to life it transforms itself into the present moment. At times it can be challenging to dedicate oneself to pathways towards the future when in the present moment the only assurances we have of a brilliant future are the dreams and fantasies we carry within our hearts. The energy of the last laugh comes to remind us that though the future may be unknown until it becomes the present, by living consciously & making every decision with intention we are generating energy aiding in our manifestations with every move. The only instances where one should fear the unknown future are if you are treading water rather than being proactive and working hand in hand with your destiny or if you find no trust in the universal plan. Otherwise the future is shimmering with infinite possibility. One of the greatest gifts given to us is free will. That powerful token allows us to will our way to our own individual places of freedom. This takes focus, this takes dedication but most of all this takes trust in the divine and the clarity of belief that the universe wants your success for you just as much as you do. Take the lead in making your dreams come true, even if you feel blindfolded by the unknown as you do so. Trust destiny to meet you half way. Trust that in perfect timing the divine will lift the veil and you will see truth.


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