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The lower world is a place of hidden treasure, ancestral magic and shadows. When this card appears in our midst we are asked to dive into the depths of our soul and discover what is lying in wait for us there. Often In life when we feel stuck or perceive that something is holding us back the simple truth is that we must pause and unearth what lies buried within. It can be all too easy to be dismissive of ones wounds and feelings and then fool oneself into believing this means you are healed. Later when you find yourself feeling inexplicably sad or anxious you begin to wonder why these feelings have “come from out of nowhere.”

Today we are given the opportunity to avoid such an instance by grabbing our shadow self by the hand, letting them know that they are seen & honored and that we are willing to do anything necessary to bring them into the light. In doing so we bless ourselves with the gift of awareness, which in truth is the starting point of healing. By dismantling the hold our shadows hold on us it suddenly becomes much easier to move through waves of uncertainty and unlock your gifts from within. You may have limitless stores of gifts waiting to be utilized by you but of course it can be hard to see these gifts through a veil of shadows. As the veil thins not only will you make personal discoveries about your own soul but you will find yourself tuning in to your ancestral lineage of light. Countless generations of ancestral love now await in the spirit realms with the purpose of guiding you on your journey. In order to receive this gift it is crucial to understand both your light and your shadows. From this space nothing can have a hold over you but the beacon of your own soul. So, today turn inwards, dive in and let your inner magic take hold.


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