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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Nothing in existence is separate from one another. We are all connected to one another as if by an invisible thread of consciousness. Every act of love, growth and evolution that takes place in your own life reverberates and touches more lives than you may be aware of. As you heal the Earth heals. As your find yourself spiritually deepening the world around you spiritually deepens. As you fall in love, love begins to bloom around you. If we are all connected by a giant thread think of every being as a pearl. Each time a person starts deepening their connection to themselves and the planet think of that pearl being strung along the thread. If you have ambitions of bettering the world or the lives of those around you the very first place to start is by filling your own life with as much love as you possibly can. Then the process happens naturally.

Self love can heal this planet. The moment you truly fall in love with self is the moment you realize that you and the Earth are one, reflected in one another in infinite ways. For the most lasting impact, let the epicenter of creation be within your own heart.

Self love is also the key to loving others unconditionally for once you understand your own light you can honor the light in others. The values of community are something that deeply need restoration upon our Earth. We must remember that we are all in this together. Competition can destroy this planet. Community can rebuild it.

The next time you find dislike for someone rise within your being take a conscious moment to ask yourself how you might be more alike than you are different. Take a moment to reflect on how many similar stories, struggles and blessings you may have shared. It is likely that the list of differences is far shorter and far less relevant. Be willing to learn, even through differences. Be willing to connect and strive to see every being as a pearl.


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