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The Phoenix is a universal emblem for rebirth, and a literal rise from the ashes of death. It’s also a metaphorical link to striving towards illumination even when the appearances of circumstances say no way. When the Phoenix card appears in our midst the time has come to destroy the ceiling of limitation for the sake of honoring our internal fire ready to burn freely. Whether your dreams are made up of cultivating more love in your world, more personal power or even making an impact on a global scale the Phoenix urges us to trust in the power of Death, letting go of all that binds or weighs us down, knowing without knowing that in doing so we will burst forth in an arc of flame towards the visions that we’ve been holding so near to our hearts. Manifesting requires usto make an offering of ourselves to the sacred. By offering stagnating energy in surrender to the Divine you are signaling you are ready to fill those spaces with energy that flows, honors and reciprocates loving power. In order to receive that which we truly desire we must be willing to release that which minimizes are power & saps us of our light. In doing so we may rise from the ashes of La-Petite-Mort and find ourselves rising into the flames of fulfillment


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