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In ancient tradition across the world the Rainmaker had a very sacred role amongst their people. It was the job of the rainmaker to connect with the Divine, inform the divine of the needs of the people and offer their body over in prayer as tribute to the divine connection as well as to invite in divine assistance. When the Rain maker appears before us we are asked to remember our role as enlightened beings on this planet. We are asked to remember that we can call in the forces of love and nature to assist the greater good of the planet. When you are a being blessed with spiritual authority or power it is a simple truth that you are asked to use this gift for more than yourself, you are asked to actively seek how your gifts can benefit the many.

A Rainmaker is blessed with the gift of invisible influence. This means you don’t have to force your beliefs on any individual to be impactful. If you believe someone in your world is need of divine intervention rather than forcing the issue upon them you may connect with the divine, drop into your heart and surrender all that you feel about the situation into their hands. From there they will step into the role of influencer at whatever capacity is the most beneficial at the time.

The Rainmaker is the vessel in which Heaven and Earth converge so that more light can be shared amongst the masses. Naturally, this is a gift that requires a great amount of responsibility for if you wish to be a beacon of light for others you must stay in awareness of your own shadows. You must be willing to shine light especially upon yourself and never lose your willingness to grow. As rainmaker you are a pool of water for thirsty souls to drink and it is your responsibility to make sure that the pool does not become polluted and cause harm to the individuals who are in need of the connection to divine love.


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