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The Red Countess appears to us as a reminder of the power that lies in our inner wisdom, intuition and discernment abilities. She reminds us of the importance of relying on our own internal inklings rather than the input and nudges of others. The most important energy that lies within this card is acknowledging that it is not enough to know we possess these gifts, we must also use them actively.

This means listening to your intuition when it would be easier not to and continue on a path that may be enjoyable but still clearly not aligned with your highest good. This means listening clearly to your internal wisdom when you are being told that you have outgrown certain people, environments and behaviors even if part of you wants to indulge in the attachments.

This means shining a light of truth on situations that you would feel more comfortable leaving in the darkness. Above all this is about accountability. It is completely up to us to hold ourselves accountable and stand in our own unique brand of integrity because nobody signed up to this life to do it for us. Don’t expect any other individual to be your hero or source of clarity.

If we find ourselves fearful about trusting the direction of our internal compass then above all we must first reconcile our trust within ourselves and the divine. This starts with acceptance and forgiveness for the past and the lessons you’ve overcome. It’s important to remind yourself that you truly have overcome every obstacle set before you or you would not be standing here today. Standing in remembrance of this can allow you to look towards the future with the certainty that even if challenges arise they shall not will topple you.

Today be willing to acknowledge your feminine powers as reliable enough to guide you along your path and with this be willing to release anything that you know at your core creates added weight in your journey. Remember, this life does not have to be riddled with challenges and discomfort. It can be easy and pleasurable but you must be willing to create the environment for it to be so.


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