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To be a Seer one must be able to discern with more than just their naked eye. To be a Seer means allowing your intuition to unlock doors of discovery and lead you to a path of true fulfillment. To be a Seer means looking past the surface appearances of things and allowing the voice of your soul to speak to you clearly from within. When this card appears in our midst we are being invited to close our eyes to all that we perceive we know and allow our third eye to truly awaken. We live in a world that holds much value on logical thinking and thrives on accepting things as they appear on surface level. By only holding value in logic means only honoring one aspect of ourselves m. In the ancient world if you could only think logically you wouldn’t of been thought to be truly awakened or wise in your understandings of the world around you. The ancient ones understood the simple truth that this world is full of far more magic that one can perceive from simply looking plainly at what’s in front of them. To develop true sight you must be willing to embrace the unknown and very importantly release any preconceived notions that lead you to believe you already have everything figured out. In truth the more you truly see the more you will understand just how truly vast and mysterious the universe we live in truly is.

If you find yourselves wanting to enhance your gifts of divine sight diving into divination is advised. There are many ways you can create a window of communication between yourself & the divine as well as between your soul voice and logical mind. You just have to be willing to dive in. If you find that you have reservations about trying a divinatory practice like the Tarot or Oracle cards, working with a pendulum is a great place to start! Another great method would be free writing with a journal. Invite your guides in and let them know you’re ready to receive any helpful guidance they might have about unlocking the doors of intuition, from there put your pen to paper and let your hand flow without thinking about what you’re trying to say. You’ll be surprised at what flows from you!


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