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In some cultures the sun represents masculine energy at its strongest peak, in others it represents feminine energy at its most luminous. In any case the sun is representative of true power and illumination. When the sun appears before us it is with the invitation to become one with its brilliant light. This is the time to ask yourself, have you been prone to isolation lately? Has your confidence felt more diminished than usual? If so it’s time to reclaim your power by embracing the light of the sun once more. Sun energy invigorates you and rekindles lost passions, it can awaken you from even the loneliest winter, but you must be willing to look upwards to the light and let yourself be warmed by its penetrating rays. This means pushing yourself out of your comfort zones which may prefer that you remain in the comfort of your home, wrapped in the coziness of your blankets. Get out and play, regardless of what age you are. Be willing to adventure! Even just laying beneath the Sun on a blanket can be incredibly refreshing and leave you feeling more charged than

coffee could ever compete with.

On the flip side of this Sun Energy you must ask yourself if you’ve spent too much time in its all consuming light, has your focus lately been on outer appearances and making yourself noticed? Have you gotten pulled into the illusion that you must be seen and liked by all those that you encounter? If so the Sun reminds us that its power also comes from its sacred dance with the moon and that finding time in solitude, honoring their sacred balance is also important.

There must be balance between the time of light and the time of shadows if we want to thrive at our highest potential. So tune into your own natural cycle to which energy your soul is in need of now. Both the Sun and the Moon are the brightest source of light in the sky when it’s their turn to reign so bear in mind there is no wrong or right place to be. It’s simply about finding your flow in between and realizing that your natural cycles mimic the dance in the sky but in miniature.


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