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In order to move into a future that is brimming with happiness we must be willing to release the ties of our past that leave us feeling wounded and less than who we truly are. It can be frightening releasing our fears and wounds because without realizing it we use them as a source of protection, a barrier from true vulnerability. Vulnerability is absolutely key to being immersed in a prosperous life. The walls of protection we create around ourselves not only push away our companions but they make it much more difficult to receive our blessings from the universe.

The White Duchess signals a time where everything is falling into place and happiness abounds. In order to fully appreciate this moment we are asked to totally let go of the past. In order to do this we must stand in forgiveness and acceptance for what has been. We must forgive ourselves and all those who we feel have done us wrong in our life. If you have trouble forgiving a particular individual it is often you who needs your forgiveness. Often the reason we can’t forgive another is because at the root we are actually blaming ourselves for allowing the situation to occur, so you must forgive yourself. Understand that every lesson was worth learning. This is where acceptance comes in. When we don’t accept our past it creates a break in trust not only with ourselves but with the divine as well. Since we are questioning why everything happened the way it did it leaves us unable to fully make future decisions for our highest good, we find ourselves asking questions like “what if I make a mistake? What if it doesn’t work out? What if I get hurt again?” Acceptance allows you to look at the past from the space of “everything that has happened has happened for my highest good, and everything that will happen in the future will be for my highest good as well.” Acceptance is simply the realization that everything is as it should be. Without some of our hardest lessons we wouldn’t be fully aware of our strength and resilience. Often it is our wounds that wake us up to our true power. That doesn’t mean we should allow the wound to fester, we must heal so that the journey may continue.


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