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Sometimes the most impactful people make incredible differences completely unbeknownst to those around them. Tiger Angel comes to us with the energy of invisible influence. To be an individual with invisible influence means you make a difference in the world around you simply by being what you are born to be, yourself. Though those around you may make light of your beliefs or the way you choose to carry yourself, you are planting the seeds of divinity and authenticity in others. The divine will choose to water these seeds in the perfect moment .

Tiger Angel also reminds us that although you may not see the physical manifestations of your hard work or the initial evidence of your impact does not mean that your efforts are going unrecognized. Sometimes the energy we invest now sends reverberations through time to impact us later in our story where it is more beneficial than today. Just because invisibility is the type of influence you must honor today does not mean that tomorrow you won’t find yourself if heavenly limelight. Patience is your most crucial ally as you wait for the life of your dreams to shape itself around you. Spirit wants to see how much trust you have and patience is the biggest indication of a trusting heart.

Remember that today the only sources of validation of your worth and power are those handed to you from yourself and the divine. If you can honor the recognition you receive from these places, your path of fulfillment will be assured. If you spend your moments wondering how you will be perceived and accepted by others then you will most certainly find yourself swimming in circles of self doubt, wasting precious energy that could be better spent cultivating your happiness. Today celebrate yourself and the joy that you spread even if you are the only one standing in celebration.


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