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Though it may appear safer to follow a path that has already been paved and walked by countless others, Totally Bananas reminds us of the power of unconventionality and learning to follow your own rhythms entirely. In this society we have been force fed the idea that success means completing high school, completing college, finding a job, finding a spouse and then having children. While this path may be fulfilling for some there are many more who are simply trying to assimilate into this lifestyle because they are told that’s what they are supposed to do. In truth we are meant to forge our own unique paths based on the rhythms and desires of our heart. When everybody follows the same pathways over and over there leaves little room for growth and evolution as a societal whole.

When this card appears before us is the time to look around us and take stock, are we living a life authentic to our own dreams? Or are we perhaps living out the dreams of our families, friends our community?

This card invites us to let our freak flags fly and learn to do so without a single thought about how we are received by our peers and least of all the masses. Trust that your dreams and desires are yours for a purpose. They are a very sacred part of you. If you didn’t have the potential to fulfill them they wouldn’t exist. Happiness stems from authenticity, which is why when so many people follow a path they are instructed to they find themselves in mid life asking themselves, “Am I really happy? Do I really know who I am? Did I miss something?” Avoidance of these questions can be achieved simply by dedicating yourself to living true to who you are. The Divine smiles upon those who learn the art of self realization and apply it earnestly to their world. “Fortune favors the bold” is a saying many of us have heard at least once in our life and the saying rings with truth. It takes strength, courage and determination to be yourself, but it is the path that will most certainly grant you the most glorious tastes of fulfillment imaginable.


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