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Of all the delusions human beings tend to fall under, being superior over the other life forms on planet Earth is the one that has run the most rampant and caused the most destruction on a global scale. When the Tree Spirt: Yakshi card appears in our midst it is with a reminder, that within in it carries the urgency of truth. That reminder is that we are no bigger and no smaller than any of the other life forms on this planet. We are invited to begin shifting the Earth’s balance back towards a peaceful existence by reintegrating our beings with the source of life, nature.

Trees in particular or as they were known by the Native people of North America, the “Standing People” are a sacred bridge between heaven and Earth. Just think of the way their roots descend deep into the Earth while as they grow they reach towards the skies. Each Tree carries within its core its own unique spirit just as we do as humans. It’s so important to understand that just because something may not be able to communicate on the levels that we do doesn’t mean it isn’t a living being with powerful sense of purpose on this Earth. We have reached a point in the Earth’s history where the human destruction is evolving more rapidly than the Earth can replenish her natural resources. It is up to us to bridge that gap by re connecting to our Earth Mother and infusing her with love. Don’t think that because you are one being you cannot have a lasting impact. Know that it only takes one being to start a movement that can sweep a community and even the world. Today, I invite you to take a break from your daily routine and spend some time in the company of nature. I invite you to spend time beneath an inviting tree and try to look beyond the limitations of what you have been told is possible. I invite you to look beyond the trunk and swaying leaves to discern the spirit within. You just may find something there that helps you understand why the trees, why the world and why humanity is worth fighting for.


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