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Happy Full Moon!

Every Full Moon is an opportunity to say thank you for the blessings and manifestations that have come to fruition during the lunar cycle. While the moon is at her fullest, so should be our gratitude! Naturally Full Moon energy does vary depending on what zodiac sign she falls under. Today our Lunar Queen continues her reign under the sign of Taurus. The energy of today’s full moon is about basking in our worldly achievements and recognizing ourselves for our efforts.

The Taurus energy we’ve found ourselves in heralds a time where dedicated effort and consistency are paying off in physical rewards. This is a time where the taste of success should be beginning to make itself known, if not obvious. Taurus is the leading sign of indulgence and overindulgence so the energy of the moon also bears with it a particular warning. Be mindful of letting your celebration of self flood over into overindulgence. This is a time where our blessings are bountiful but can also slip through our fingers if we handle them with frivolity. For example if you see your finances are at an all time high, this is the time to celebrate and even treat yourself to something special, but carefully avoid overspending and the temptation to overindulge. A big theme of yesterday’s moon was practicing healthy relationships with our possessions and this energy carries into today’s moon as well. We mustn’t take in more than we need for satisfaction at this time or risk paying consequences to our stability.

Today’s Lunar Mansion is the “Wheel”

This Mansion presides over the last phase of Taurus and leads us into the first four degrees of Gemini. Saturn conjoining with Mercury at this time lightens its intensity and we find ourselves entering a time where the importance of communication and networking are at an all time high. As we realize we have done nearly as much as possible on our own in regards to a particular goal or manifestation the need to invite in others for a dose of collaborative dreaming becomes essential. Be willing to step outside of your comfort zones at this time. Ask for insight and guidance, be willing to incorporate inspiration from others without fearing that it will dilute the authenticity of your vision. We are stronger together and the bonds that we form under this particular Lunar Mansion can benefit us for many moons to come.

Venus continues to reign as our White Moon Goddess of the moment. To tap into her sensual feminine energy light an incense or pink candle in her honor beneath the full moon. Offer your body over in sacred dance/ free flow movement and let your energy course through your body, inviting Venus’ essence to inhabit your sacred space as you do. Write a list of ways you want to invite more sensual experiences and pleasure into your world. Read this list aloud over your candle/ incense. When you are finished

say this incantation dedicated to Venus

“Goddess of love, vessel of graceful pleasure, shower me in your divine inspiration, allow me to be as free in my unique beauty as I was born to be, grant me the gifts of eternal beauty which shall radiate from within like an eternal sun with the softness of the moon. So it shall be”


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