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Today’s moon is a waxing gibbous in the Fixed Earth sign Taurus. The theme of tonight’s moon is honing in on our ambitions and diving deeper into their execution. We are at a point of the Lunar manifestation cycle where if we have been working dedicatedly towards a goal we should now be beginning to reap the fruits of our labors. Now is the time to give a final push of energy to bring even more vitality towards our vision. Allow yourself to carefully discern where there may be any loose strings that need to be woven together. See if perhaps there is lingering energy that needs clearing away so that you may be launched forward. Be willing to ask for assistance by your peers or a valued mentor if you find yourself wondering what more you could possibly do to bring about your success. Remember, you don’t have to do this alone. Let love in on your journey. If the goal in question is visible to the public now is the time to try to view through the lenses of others and tune into how they might be perceiving your work. Is there a way to be more accessible? More relatable?

Today’s Moon falls under the Mansion known as “Stone” A strongly highlighted energy of the Stone mansion is a rigidity when it comes to possessions. This is beneficial time to ask ourselves where we may be holding on too tightly. This could be to outdated thought patterns, other individuals and our material belongings. By holding on too tightly we create a resistance to the natural flow and cycles of growth and manifestation. Surrender to the freedom in knowing we cannot truly own anything indefinitely & it is love not belongings that are the source of happiness. One of my favorite quotes is “we can only own that which we are willing to give away.”

*Personal belongings collect energy just as we do, this is a good time to see if there are any material possessions that you have outgrown and are ready to release. By clearing space you create more room for new energy to inhabit.

Today’s Patron Goddess is the White (Moon) Goddess Venus, known to the Greeks as Aphrodite. To the Romans Venus was the Goddess of love, beauty, marriage and laughter. Like all of our Moon Goddesses Venus was extremely multifaceted, she was known by many different names. Venus Genetrix earned her respect as the mother of the famous hero Aeneas who was the founder of the Roman people, under Venus Felix she was worshiped as the bringer of divine fortune and known as Venus Victrix she brought glory to the champion of her choosing.

Venus was married to the God Vulcan who she found repulsive. Though she was the Goddess of marriage she had countless affairs in search of satisfaction for her insatiable cravings. The most famous of her affairs was with Mars. The affair didn’t last for long in secrecy and was widely shunned with disapproval by the other Gods and Goddesses. Regardless the hot blooded dance between Venus and Mars bore many children, several were well known including Cupid and Harmonia.


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