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Today our Waxing Gibbous Moon continues its tour in the sign of the Venusian Taurus. Today’s Moon Mansion is known as “Stone” and is ruled by Mercury and Saturn. The lunar energy of the day asks us to look upon our routines and habits. Do our habits truly reflect our inner divinity or are we carrying along outdated storylines? Do our current routines set us up for success or are we distracting ourself with outdated means of survival?

As beings living a human experience we easily slip into habitual patterns and routines. We are naturally creatures of habit but not every habit is beneficial for growth. This is the time to discern whether our actions are in alignment with our dreams. This requires radical honesty with oneself and a willingness to let go of all that does not serve.

Free will is one of the most important gifts granted to us from the divine. We have absolute freedom of choice. We must remember that to sit idly by or ignore our better judgment for the sake of comfort are choices that will greatly impact our future. Growth and change are a necessity for us all and since Taurus Is a fixed sign known for its reluctance to change this makes our willingness to uproot ourselves from what we know any try something different even more profound and powerful at this time.

Today simply ask yourself “What can I do differently in my world to achieve the greatest results possible?”

Venus is a White Moon Goddess and while she rules

we are especially drawn to creature comforts and sensual expression. Pleasure is a crucial part of both the human and spiritual experience. Many fall under the illusion that as your responsibilities and focus grow that the amount of pleasure you partake in must

naturally decrease. This is simply not so. Pleasure is a necessity that reminds you of the joy of being here, of being alive. Pleasure reminds you of the sacred union between mind, body and spirit.

So, as you navigate onwards on your spiritual and creative paths make sure you create moments that are about nothing more than sheer bliss. Make love to yourself, make love to another, indulge in your favorite dessert, have a glass of wine, enjoy a joint, dance to you favorite music, take a day trip, dive into a good story... the ways to experience pleasure are truly endless and can be constantly reinvented. Today take the time to indulge in anything that makes you feel sublime.


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