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Tonight our Lunar Goddess takes the form of a Waning Crescent in the sign of Sagittarius. Tonight’s mansion is the “Precipice” which is ruled by Jupiter and Mars. With the impulsive and fiery energy of Mars coming together with the also fiery but expansive energy of Jupiter today we may find ourselves feeling more daring, more rebellious than usual. The invitation is to ride this wave of cosmic fire into spaces of less restriction where we are more able to influence our desired outcomes. The word precipice relates to the word threshold, which occurs as an instance where we must take or create a final energetic push to thrust us into the next phase of existence. Ask today, “what action can I take to show the universe I’m serious about the intentions I’m setting? What can I do today to vitalize my endeavors? What match do I need to strike to taste the flame of fulfillment?”

Today don’t think outside the box, instead burn the box to ashes and trust your impulses. The universe is always ready to serve us with blessings, but first we must serve ourselves. Game on


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