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Today our moon enters the crescent phase as it continues to wane in the sign of Libra. Tonight’s Mansion is known as the “Door” and is ruled by Uranus and Mercury. The strange & beautiful energy that occurs naturally with Uranus adds a burst of unexpected vitality to stimulate the mercurial energy into generating new creative visions. At this time we may be hit with sudden brain waves that give birth to ideas that are unprecedented and even out of our comfort zones. Rather than dismissing these new thought patterns as strange, silly or not worth investing in, this is absolutely the time to ride wave of uncertainty to creative bliss. If in a moment of inspiration you may come up with something unlike anything you’ve ever heard or seen before, know that you are on the right track rather than questioning it’s legitimacy. Success truly stems from discovering what is missing from the world and figuring out how to bring it to light in your own unique way. Today, above all else respect your vision.


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